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The Art and Science of Succeeding as a Designer

Join me for a free Webinar this tuesday October 28th, 11am PST with Bryce Bladon of Clients from Hell:
The Art and Science of Succeeding as a Designer


  • Systems and philosophies that help you create value, do well, and be happier.
  • How to work smarter and not harder. Learn to get out of the freelance hamster wheel, striking “overwhelm” from your vocabulary, and making time for your passion projects.
  • How to create real value for others by listening to the market, & giving others what they truly want & need.
  • Small steps toward big results. Starting before you’re ready, knowing what you really want, and “Closing the gap” (between where you are now, and where you know you want to be).
  • An authentic approach to business building. Finding your way in a crowded market, and aligning with you natural strengths.

It’s a live Google Hangout, so please come join in on the Q+A!


UPDATE: Here is the recording if you missed it!

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