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2017 Year in Review

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Each year I like to look back at what I accomplished, and of course, compare it to what I had originally set out for myself at the beginning of the year. Did I meet my personal and business goals? How well did my chosen word to represent the year? (2017 was Space) What went well this year? What didn’t...

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Why you still haven’t launched your thing yet

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I work with tons of people who are in the process of launching websites, online courses, and marketing campaigns, and consistently without fail, the one thing that trips everybody up? They try to go way, way, WAY too big. Like MAGNUM OPUS big. They want a website that has all the bells and whistles: sales pages, complex sales funnels, automation...

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Hasn’t my course idea already been done a million times before?

online learning experiences

Hasn’t my course idea already been done a million times before? Yes, kind of. Do it anyway. No one else has your unique blend of experience, knowledge, teachers, clients etc. your lens/experience/voice makes you unique. Courses can be a fabulous way to take what you are already doing with clients 1:1 over and over again, and streamline the parts...

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Want to love your work? Work with the one you love!

behind the scenes

Bryce from Clients From Hell interviewed Ben and I on what it’s like to work together as a romantic couple. We talk about what it’s been like, how we started, how we merged forces, and how we’ve built a business that supports our lifestyle....

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Online Course Delivery: Should you use a WordPress plugin or hosted platform?

business, online learning experiences

If you’ve been thinking about creating your own online course, you’ve probably been investigating your options for how to actually deliver your course material. I want to address the pros and cons of two specific approaches (there are others, but these are the most common, so these are the ones I’ll address here). For the majority of people, your...

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Discovering a Need And Filling–Twice: Podcast Interview on Tara Gentile’s Profit Power Pursuit

business, digital strategy

Join me as I speak very candidly with Tara Gentile about my journey into bringing products to life. We talk about everything from customer development, to self-doubt and imposter complex, to starting before you’re ready. Listen below: Discovering a Need And Filling–Twice–with Digital Strategy School & Doki creator Marie Poulin...

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Designing websites when you don’t have copy

business, design, process

You know the challenge: Your web design projects consistently get held up because the client just hasn’t delivered the content yet. I’ve seen this situation delay projects for as much as 6 months or more. How the heck can you do your job as the designer when you don’t have the copy yet? I’ve seen some small businesses try...

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Making Your Own Rules (Podcast Episode: Confessions of a Female Entrepreneur)

behind the scenes, business

Alyssa Martin of Confessions of a Female Entrepreneur interviewed me recently, and we chat about everything from the importance of soft skills to paying attention to your energy, and building a business that suits your natural strengths....

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How to Implement a Retainer-Based Payment Model


Retainers can be a valuable way to bring in more consistent income, and reduce the feast and famine cycle experienced by many freelancers. A retainer is a fee paid in advance by a client to secure your services. There are several different types of retainers and ways to get started, each with it’s own challenges, requirements and advantages. Read more over at...

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How to Transition From Technical Skill to Big Picture Strategy

business, design

Most designers, programmers, and other freelancers use their experience to help their clients strategize and figure out what work needs to be done to achieve the client’s goals. But how do you sell this type of strategy work, instead of only charging for the technical work (design, coding, etc) that results from it? See more at Freelance Transformation. This...

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Reflections on Microconf 2016


I’ll admit, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up for Microconf. I didn’t know much about it other than the fact that several people I knew and respected online had called it a “must-attend” conference. Microconf calls itself The Conference for Self Funded Startups. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve attended...

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Should you use pre-made themes or drag-and-drop builders?

design, process, productivity

Here’s my (potentially controversial) opinion on working with themes and builders. To paraphrase a great question I got from one of my Digital Strategy School students: “I see many people using drag and drop builders for clients who can’t quite afford a custom themed service. But I’ve had reservations. Basically, I’m a purist and all that bloat makes me not happy…plus...

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