Marie Poulin

Designer, Digital Strategist, Notion Pro

Marie Poulin

I help ambitious leaders make space for more purpose-driven work

Over the years I've helped ambitious business owners plan, design, and launch transformational products, services, and training experiences over at Oki Doki.

Lately I've focused on designing the behind-the-scenes systems required to support business + personal growth.

Most recently I've been helping folks organize and integrate their life and business using Notion.

From managing your day-to-day, to tracking your big insights and ideas, I help you follow through on your big, long-term goals by building your own effective personal management systems.


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Marie Poulin

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A strategist, designer, and big picture thinker, I help business owners ask better questions, adopt a learning mindset, and launch more strategically, so they can deliver bold and impactful online experiences that connect deeply with customers, and get results.

My superpower is illuminating possibilities and inspiring imperfect action. I’m ferociously curious and empathetic, and am passionate about helping others discover opportunities for growth.

My design thinking and permaculture design studies strongly influence my perspectives and problem-solving approach to emphasize sustainability; I lean strongly toward solutions that work for both your business goals and your lifestyle.

I’m the creator of Run Your Learning Launch, Digital Strategy School, and Think Like a Digital Strategist, and co-founded Doki, a software for selling and delivering online programs.


I've tried them all, and Notion is hands-down one of the most powerful productivity and knowledge-management systems out there. But without the productivity habits, systems, and structure, you might not even realize how powerful it is.

Get my best tips and tricks for getting the most out of Notion. Learn to better manage your day, organize your tasks, take better notes, and more importantly, become a more effective business owner.

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