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Why should I hire you?

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A designer was asked this by a prospective client in a Skype meeting, and she froze like a deer in headlights. “There are lots of designers out there… why should I hire YOU specifically?” If a prospective client asked you this on a call, would you know what to say? If you know exactly what you’d say, feel free to move along; this post is not for you. If you suspect that you’d probably have the same reaction (freezing in fear, unsure of how to respond), well, we’ve got some work to do, so read on. This is probably one of the most common struggles I see with designers: an inability to articulate the value they can bring to the client. There are many issues at play here including: process and workflow issues, confidence, and positioning. Just be aware, that if you struggle with this, you are in good company! I’ve seen this issue pop up time and time again, and as someone who has struggled with my own business confidence, I really needed to address this. First things first. It’s a totally fair question for a client to ask, yes? They’re not necessarily trying to grill you or catch you off-guard… they legitimately want to know what makes you different from the sea of designers out there (and yes, there is a sea of them!) An inability to answer this question usually signals one or more of the following issues: You don’t know your own value (or how to articulate it) You don’t have a solid, dependable process Your positioning is weak You lack confidence (or suffer from imposter syndrome) (Hint, these things are all related) Let’s address each of these problems, so that you can start to get more comfortable with the inevitability of the question: “Why should I hire you?” Problem: You don’t have a solid, dependable process I used to think I was winging it with...

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Behind the scenes: logo design for A New Possibility

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This is the first post in my Behind The Scenes series where I show you my project process as it unfolds. It’s fun. It’s messy. And hopefully you find it interesting! Benjamin and Lorie from A New Possibility have given me permission to share our work and communication with you. Benjamin first contacted me in April 2013 (no that’s not a typo, it has in fact been over a year of working together!). Wow, what a lovely introduction! I get a lot of work requests each week; the way they opened with their admiration for my work/attitude helps me feel more invested in them already (and of course, I tend to trust referrals from people I know). I responded at the time that I was fairly booked already, but if they were open to waiting a few months, we could arrange a Skype chat, and make sure we were a good fit. They responded that it was more important for them to have a flexible timeline in order to ensure that the experience was positive, and that they were hiring the right person for the job (aka they were willing to wait). After establishing our start dates and the project scope, the next step was to move our project communication into Basecamp, the project management tool I use to manage all of my client projects. My brain would surely melt if I had to manage all of our communication via email… I also started a Pinterest mood board where I encouraged them to pin anything relevant to the project: visuals, colours, symbols, photography, and anything else that related to the overall project look and feel. Inspiration We began by pinning images to the Pinterest board, and a few specific images I posted to Basecamp to encourage further discussion. Follow Marie Poulin’s board A New Possibility on Pinterest. Pinterest allowed us to get on the same page about the desired look and feel, by enabling us each to comment and give feedback on our various pins....

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Does your brand experience live beyond your website?

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What are the different touch-points that your customers have with you and your brand when they purchase one of your products? Or opt in to your email list? Or submit a question through your website? Is the whole experience of interacting with you enjoyable? Personable? I was recently doing some research on online payment processing options, specifically for recurring payment processing. I stumbled upon Moonclerk, and was impressed with the design and simplicity of the website. I signed up for a free trial, and within a few hours, I received this email in my inbox: Now THAT is customer service. This email was personal, and it was a great indicator that this company doesn’t see their customers as numbers, but as real people with real needs in their businesses. This email contributes to the brand experience that Moonclerk offers beyond their website. You’d better believe that I’ll remember that experience, and move them to the front of the queue in my brain when I think about the various e-commerce options I’ve been researching. How does your brand experience measure up beyond your website? Are you making sure that your whole brand experience is unified and not disjointed? Are you making sure to make your customers/users/clients feel appreciated? Successful businesses today are tapping into real connections with real people. “If you don’t understand people you don’t understand business” — Simon Sinek I know that I personally plan to make some changes to my own brand experience over the coming months. Go forth and keep building your awesome brand! Oh, and if you are working with a payment system that you would recommend that has recurring billing, feel leave a comment — I’d love to hear what you’re using....

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20 Questions Interview with Oakes Design

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I recently did a “20 Questions” audio interview with fellow Canadian designer Colin Oakes of Oakes Design. Check it out if you’re curious about my process, what advice I’d give new ladies in the industry, or you wanna know what the heck Gaelic Football is all...

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Ten Women You Need to Know in Interface Design

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Fuel Your Interface included me in their blog post: Ten Women You Need To Know in Interface Design. I am honoured to be included in that list amongst some of those other...

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