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Hasn’t my course idea already been done a million times before?

Hasn’t my course idea already been done a million times before?
Yes, kind of.
Do it anyway.

  1. No one else has your unique blend of experience, knowledge, teachers, clients etc. your lens/experience/voice makes you unique.
  2. Courses can be a fabulous way to take what you are already doing with clients 1:1 over and over again, and streamline the parts that are global. We spend so much time educating our clients – save your 1:1 time for the uniquely custom advice, and use courses and guides to help get your clients up to speed with the basics!
  3. If people are already resonating with you, wouldn’t it make more sense for them to buy that course from YOU because they love your approach, than to buy from someone else (who they maybe don’t even resonate with as much?)
  4. When people want to learn about something, they often buy more than one book/course/guide

So go forth, and launch anyway. Launch in your style, your voice, your approach, and give your prospective clients another way to work with you.

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