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Full Scholarship for Digital Strategy School! (closes Friday Jan 9, 2015)

I would love to help a fellow creative kickstart their business in 2015 with a scholarship to Digital Strategy School. If you’ve heard about Digital Strategy School and believe that the program is aligned with the direction you’d like to take your business, I invite you to send in an application.
Course begins on January 16th, 2015 and runs for 6 months.


Anyone is welcome apply, but I will select someone based on a few criteria:

  • Best fit for the program
  • Financial need
  • Demonstrated potential
  • Interest or activity in the field
  • Some self-employment experience
  • Creativity in the application process

Deadline: Friday January 9th, 2015 (5pm PST)

Award: One student will be awarded access to Digital Strategy School (the Go Solo course) + a 30-min Mentoring Session via Skype (or Google+).

How to Apply:

Head over to: for more details.
Fill out the form, and a random applicant will be chosen using!

Learn more about the program at

Hear what the students are saying about the course:

Digital Strategy School is the best investment you can make for your design business

Marie is that unique blend of person who has the chops and the knowledge, and is constantly furthering her own education and networking to benefit clients, but is also a person of deep integrity who finds her purpose in supporting others to grow professionally and personally. Perhaps her greatest strength is that she has been where many designers are – wondering why client relationships aren’t as rich as they should be, why specific problems crop up repetitively with different clients, and how we as the leaders of the process can change our tools, approaches and interactions for the satisfaction of both client and service provider.

I have watched my DSS peers grow exponentially, and heard their voices change from harried and worried about everything from sideways contracts and fear of financial setbacks to purposeful crafters of their own destinies, and I’ve seen the difference to their bottom lines and their personal health and relationships with others both in and outside of their businesses.

dss-laurie— Laurie McConnell, Bad Dog Design
Read Laurie’s blog about her experience in Digital Strategy School





My business has been making lots of steady growth since I registered for DSS.

Marie’s insights and guidance have enabled me to see when my rates need to be adjusted and when they need to be left alone. The course has given me the tools and resources to provide higher quality design and support for my clients, while still maintaining efficiency on my end.

Through the course I’ve been tackling the larger barriers in my business like project management systems, proposals and business efficiency. Now that I have an established client base, I am focusing on my client onboarding process and reporting systems. I’m excited about creating long term relationships with my clients and want to foster open communication with them.

During the course I even launched a social media program of my own to help train small business owners on how to advertise on Facebook. Marie helped me set-up the program and provided guidance on how to do it.

Being part of the group has opened my eyes to see what my fellow colleagues are also overcoming to streamline their businesses and take them to the next level.

dss-tammy— Tammy Martin,


Curious about how we can take your design business to the next level?
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