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Does your brand experience live beyond your website?

What are the different touch-points that your customers have with you and your brand when they purchase one of your products? Or opt in to your email list? Or submit a question through your website? Is the whole experience of interacting with you enjoyable? Personable?

I was recently doing some research on online payment processing options, specifically for recurring payment processing. I stumbled upon Moonclerk, and was impressed with the design and simplicity of the website. I signed up for a free trial, and within a few hours, I received this email in my inbox:

Now THAT is customer service.

This email was personal, and it was a great indicator that this company doesn’t see their customers as numbers, but as real people with real needs in their businesses.

This email contributes to the brand experience that Moonclerk offers beyond their website. You’d better believe that I’ll remember that experience, and move them to the front of the queue in my brain when I think about the various e-commerce options I’ve been researching.

How does your brand experience measure up beyond your website?

Are you making sure that your whole brand experience is unified and not disjointed? Are you making sure to make your customers/users/clients feel appreciated? Successful businesses today are tapping into real connections with real people.

“If you don’t understand people you don’t understand business” — Simon Sinek

I know that I personally plan to make some changes to my own brand experience over the coming months. Go forth and keep building your awesome brand!

Oh, and if you are working with a payment system that you would recommend that has recurring billing, feel leave a comment — I’d love to hear what you’re using. Cheers!

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