Think of me as your strategic partner for all things digital.

I work very closely with a select number of clients each year in order to produce beautiful, impactful, game-changing online spaces.

Ways to work with me:

icon-strategyDigital Strategy Insights

Strategy Session + Roadmap

Actionable + profitable insights to launch and grow your next big thing. Initial audit, 60-min 1:1 session, 30 min follow up + strategy roadmap.

A roadmap for your digital success.

Limited Availability

icon-mentorDigital Strategy School

Design Business Accelerator

For designers looking to level up their freelance design business (and create more value for their clients).

DIY e-course or Community + Mentorship program.



Branding / Strategy / Web Design / Development + Beyond

Together we bring your ideas to life; we build your brand, business and online community. From blogging to online courses and signature offerings, I help you with the whole process of planning, creating, launching and understanding how to use your online ecosystem to its full advantage. Clarity + Insight + Guidance. (3 spots per year. Pricing starts at $12k)

Total collaboration. Massive shifts.

See Details Below

I help build brands, communities and businesses online, while revealing new opportunities and possibilities you didn’t even know existed.

You’re an entrepreneur, self-starter, or community builder who is ready to take your brand and digital space to the next level, or you’re starting a brand new venture and want to do it right the first time. You’re passionate, open-minded, savvy, willing to learn, and most of all you want to leave this world a better place than you found it.

How it works

Every business is unique and has different needs; I work in a holistic way, taking into account all of the moving parts of your business and online presence and meet you where you are.

Typically a partnership can include but is not limited to:

  • Branding and Visual Identity
  • Tagline and Marketing Copy
  • Website Design
  • Custom Development
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Product and service design
  • eCommerce
  • Content Strategy + Editing
  • Social Media Training
  • Consulting
  • Target Audience Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Course Development
  • Responsive + Mobile Development
  • User Testing

We meet via Skype (or Google Hangouts) to make sure we’re a great fit, and together we discuss the scope of the project and your greater vision. Once I’ve gathered some background and insights from you, I propose a tailored project solution that best fits your needs, but also allows room for flexibility and evolution. I work on a fixed project fee basis (monthly retainer), in order to keep focus on the work that matters, and engagements are an average of 3-4 months in length.

My process is highly collaborative and iterative.
I tend to work with businesses who are in transition and are growing in a big way; this often means that the scope and deliverables evolve as we work together, and the process is non-linear. When you trust me as your digital partner, not only will I gently push you out of your comfort zone and get you moving past your fears and insecurities, but I’ll have you aiming higher and thinking bigger than you were when you first decided you needed to step up your website.

We typically meet twice monthly via Skype to touch base on the project, brainstorm, and strategize. We use this time to focus on whatever you and your business need at that time, as well as to provide feedback on project progress.

Beautiful and functional online ecosystems.
I focus on delivering a quality product that will not only impress and delight, but actually meets real business goals. I guide you every step of the way on everything from product incubation and pricing strategies, to content strategy, marketing, launching and beyond. You can email me anytime during the project to run ideas by me, or get my insights/opinions. You’ll also get access to my resource library which I continue to grow over time. If you ever have something specific that you’d like to know, just ask and I will happily add it to the library.

Yeah, it gets personal.
We’ll get to know each other quite well, building a long-lasting relationship where you can trust me to deliver wickedly honest and insightful feedback and strategic suggestions as you grow your online business. I simply adore the people I work with, and get personally invested in each project that I take on.

Who this is not for:
Micromanagers or corporate types who are looking for a pixel-pusher or an order-taker. It’s also not for: the faint of heart, big egos, tight deadlines, negative nellies and drama queens. It’s not for you if you already know exactly how you want your website to look before we begin. This is a collaborative effort, and we’ll work best if you can be open to the process.

The Nitty Gritty

This mumbo jumbo might not mean much to you, but it’s a general overview of my internal project process. When we work together you receive a welcome package that goes over in more detail what to expect when we work together, complete with milestones for us both.

Phase 1: Discovery

Project Analysis
Site + Content Audit
Research + Brainstorming
Information Architecture

Phase 2: Design

Branding Strategy + Identity
Interaction Design + Wireframes
User Experience Sketches
Visual Design

Phase 3: Development

HTML/Theme Build
CMS Build
Back-end Integrations
Cross-Browser/Device Testing
Beta Site Review

Phase 4: Delivery

User Testing
Live Testing
Documentation + Training
Launch Plan + Release
Post Launch Debrief


Mostly unavailable for new client projects in 2015.
I’m currently doing the majority of my work through and Want to discuss a custom project using our new online platform Doki (the beta launches in September) for creating online programs and courses? Get in touch.


What they’re saying

benlorieCollaborating with you makes waking up each morning an exciting prospect. And I mean it! Thank you for your kindness, your care, your knowledge, your patience, your generosity, and your vision. Lorie and I are deeply grateful.” – Benjamin + Lorie

amyMarie was a true partner from start to finish. Although the project took many iterations, Marie didn’t stop until we were satisfied. She went above and beyond. Thank you, Marie!” – Amy Ganz

natmacneil“I f**king love working with you so much, you have no idea!” – Natalie MacNeil, She Takes on The World

Take a look at some of the websites and brands I’ve helped build.

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