New School of Finance

An educational hub to help Canadians get and keep their financial house in order.


Shannon Lee Simmons had an ambitious idea to create an online hub for Canadians to learn how to manage their finances, both on the personal and business side.

Shannon was increasingly aware of her limited time and availability as her financial consulting business was often booked for months at a time, leaving many clients waiting months to get answers to their financial questions. She was also increasingly aware that a great deal of her advice to sole proprietor clients was the same from person to person.

In an effort to scale her efforts (and income), Shannon had an ambitious idea to begin the New School of Finance, an umbrella brand that would allow her to teach courses online in a more automated fashion.

With an idea for her first course, Sole Prop School, we collaborated on a course launching strategy which helped Shannon launch a pilot program and test market interest. Her pilot sold out in 15 minutes, and we knew that Sole Prop School would be her first flagship offering.


Over the course of the next 6 months, while Shannon ran her pilot, refined the material, and built out new programs, I focused on the creation of the new brand and website for New School of Finance, while overseeing strategy and guiding her through the process.


Shannon now has a flexible site that allows her to add new courses and sales pages based on a series of templates we designed and built for her.

“The courses are amazing, the feedback on UX has been great, and they are actually selling!! Life is easier because Marie set us up with a site we can manipulate ourselves easily after so I’m not dependent on her forever to update stuff/post new courses etc!”
— Shannon Lee Simmons



She has now expanded her course library to include a variety of new courses including personal finances for those looking to buy a house, or start a family.

I’m so inspired! Honestly, i couldn’t have gone this far without a. Your actual help, b. You being a total inspiration, and c. Your wise words and sage counsel!
– Shannon Lee Simmons

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