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Tango with strangers

I truly believe that every person that I meet, I meet for a reason. There is a story, a lesson, an experience that comes from every person that you interact with.

I never tuned in to this concept before, and was not particularly open minded when it came to interacting with strangers. I have never felt comfortable at a party or gathering where I didn’t know anyone, and I certainly never knew how to “break the ice” with people.

These days, I feel like I have been meeting and connecting with the most interesting people. I seem to meet someone new and interesting almost every day. This never happened before… what’s up with that?

There are no coincidences. The universe shows you what you are ready to “see.”

Today I let a stranger show me how to tango on the waterfront.

Open your mind. Shut that judgemental voice in your head up for a few minutes and see what happens. Take a chance. Jump in head first.

When you awaken to new things, you attract like-minded people

Gabrielle Bernstein

F*** yeah!

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