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Chatting about what it means to be a more strategic business owner

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Check out our chat over at the Freelancers’ Show. We talk about managing projects, transitioning from freelancer to strategic business owner, and making tough decisions in your business....

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How to choose your clients wisely (and why you must!)


  One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to get ruthlessly honest about who you work best with, and for whom you are the best fit. What this means: You need to know your criteria for an excellent client fit. And that won’t be the same as mine, or as any other business owner. It...

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Behind the scenes of creating, launching and marketing an online program: PART 2

behind the scenes

So if you followed along from Part 1, you’ll know that I ran a small beta version of my group program which helped me learn a metric ton. I learned that there is a market for teaching digital strategy to designers. I was able to create content based on what participants wanted to know, not just what I thought I...

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Behind the scenes of creating, launching and marketing an online program: PART 1

behind the scenes, business

TL;DR: Your first launch is scary as sh*t. Validate your idea by asking your audience first before you build the thing. Feel the fear. Do it anyway. Leave space to execute on big ideas. “Pay what you can” helped me build an intimate + supportive community. Give generously. Then give some more....

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The Collaborative Designer

business, design, digital strategy

If you want to survive as a designer in the new digital economy, you must take a collaborative role with your clients. Your job is to assist your clients in finding the most effective solution for them and their business. Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of designers, and seen behind the scenes of a lot...

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Twitterpated: A Twitter Love Story

business, life, social media

Revised. Originally posted June 2013.   June 2nd 2015 marks my three year anniversary with my partner Ben, and I thought, what better time than now to write a post about why I use Twitter. Wait— what? You can probably guess how this ties in to the title of this post… yes, we met via Twitter. I’ll explain later....

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Highlights from Authority Rainmaker 2015


This May 2015 I had the pleasure of attending Copyblogger’s Authority Rainmaker conference in Denver, Colorado. The conference is centered around the topics of Design, Content, Traffic, and Conversion. The speakers and talks were absolutely top notch. Many of the speakers I’d never heard of before, so was...

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The easiest way to find out what your audience needs

business, digital strategy

Whether you’re looking to craft a compelling opt in offer, or need to come up with an idea for your next product or program, how do you figure out what your ideal customer wants or needs? The answer is deceptively simple. The easiest way to figure out what your audience needs is by listening. Carefully. Fully....

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3 ways to turn your idea into a reality when you’ve been stalling


We can be so afraid of putting our ideas out there before they’re perfect, and it often comes out in different ways… “oh I’m so busy, I don’t have time” – it’s the fear of starting, the fear of it failing, or people not liking it. But… Your potential for success is proportionate to your capacity to take risks.  You...

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Stop trying to do it all by yourself

business, life

Over the last few years of running my business I’ve really come to terms with how crucial it is to have the right people on your team. And I don’t necessarily mean employees or contractors either (of which I have neither other than an occasional Virtual Assistant, who is the best kept secret btw…). I mean...

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How designing your ideal week can increase your productivity (and sanity).

business, productivity, systems

“You have a choice in life. You can either live on-purpose, according to a plan you’ve set. Or you can live by accident, reacting to the demands of others. The first approach is proactive; the second reactive.” — Michael Hyatt I love that quote by Michael Hyatt. I had googled “design ideal...

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The importance of presenting your work to clients: A live chat with Dennis Field

behind the scenes, business, design, digital strategy

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Dennis Field, a designer, micropreneur, educator, and most recently Enterprise Evangelist at InVision, an application that helps designers prototype and present their progress to clients. This interview was originally recorded for Digital Strategy School, but there were...

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