Digital Strategist / Designer / Idealist / Rock Climber


I help business owners bring their big ideas to life.

An idealist, big picture thinker, and lifelong learner, I inspire others to take intentional action, experiment, and see new potential in themselves and their business. I see both the big plan and the details required to get there.

My superpower is illuminating possibilities, and activating the potential in others. I help people think bigger, ask better questions, and focus on what really matters. I will challenge, encourage and inspire anyone I collaborate with. I’m ferociously curious and empathetic, and can’t help but see what’s happening between the lines.

I’m passionate about bringing design thinking and strategy to everyday business owners, and recently launched Digital Strategy School, an online program that teaches designers how to integrate strategy into their workflow so they can provide more value for their clients (while also increasing their own bottom line).

I love writing, talking, learning and teaching all things business, strategy, process and workflow, and believe that entrepreneurship is changing the face of the economy (for the better). I’ve been featured in BYOB Book, mentor for the Conquer Club, am featured as a SheBrand superstar, and am listed as one of 10 women you need to know in interface design.

Armed with my fancy Honours Bachelor of Design degree from the York/Sheridan Design Program in Toronto, I’ve got over a decade of working experience as an interactive designer and digital strategist (6 as a solo business owner).

I truly believe in collaboration over competition. Ask me anything; I’m an open book when it comes to sharing what I’ve learned!

In late 2011 I sold all my belongings, lived/worked in Bali for 3 months, and couch-surfed for nearly a year before falling in love and settling in Vancouver, B.C. with my partner Ben and our Shiba Inu, Mochi.


Together we co-founded Oki Doki, our partnership where we focus on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs launch awesome online programs.

When I’m not nerding out about business, you’ll find me climbing rocks, cooking, traveling, reading, and honing my craft through absurd amounts of courses, classes, programs, and conferences (ok, so I nerd out about business A LOT). I’ve been vegetarian for 12+ years, and I have no idea why I went so long without a Vitamix. I love bright tights, coffee with cream, and eating all my vegetables.

Other places you can find me:

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